UX Design Example: Web App for Teachers


Create a UX design for a companion web app MVP that allows teachers of students who have been diagnosed with ADHD to fill out daily behavior report cards and complete clinical symptom assessments. They are invited by the parent of the student using a separate mobile app.

My Role

Director of Product Management at a digital healthcare start up. I conducted all discovery work, defined prioritized roadmap, created UX design, led team of external designers and researchers to refine and test, wrote software requirements, and delivered to development team. This product launched into a private beta test.

UX Design Example

This UX prototype is of set of MVP functionality that was tested and then refined for development. It includes the following core sets of functionality

Use the back and forth arrows or tap the screen to move within the InVision prototype.

See final product website>



Sketch, Invision


I designed the wireframes and an external design agency conducted usability tests on the prototype and created the high-fidelity visualizations.

I worked with a visual designer to deliver development ready designs. I wrote the software requirements based on the final designs.

Development team built the web app.


In the usability test, 6 of 8 teachers directly stated that this app would be an improvement from their current ways of tracking, which are ad hoc, subjective, inconsistent, and varying in formats.

“I think it’s very easy to use. The quickness of it is helpful. Most educators, who are going to do it for the parents, are going to do it cause it’s easy to do.”

“Much better [than what I’m doing now]. Now that I think about it, I have to fill out Google forms for ADHD feedback and each teacher and case manager has their own format, own wording, and it’s not enjoyable. This is much better.”

The design was validated as in the right direction with a few refinements for the final product design.

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