UX Design Example: Mobile App for Parents


Create user experience of an app MVP for parents who have children diagnosed with ADHD. Studies* show that when patients track symptoms in addition to taking medication, they get better. This mobile app allows parents to create a custom list of behaviors impacted by ADHD to track on a daily basis, invite teachers to track at school, receive reminders about tracking daily, fill out the daily report card, see charts of progress, and fill out a Vanderbilt Follow Up Questionnaire (symptom assessment) for pediatricians and view progress chart.

My Role

Director of Product Management at digital healthcare startup. I conducted all discovery, defined prioritized roadmap based, designed the UX, led designers and user researchers to test and refine, and delivered software requirements to the dev team for build.

UX Design EXAMPle

This UX design is for a prototype of Alpha, the MVP of the product for beta test release. Below are the core sets of functionality and links to the InVision prototype.

Use the arrow buttons on your laptop or tap each screen on your device to go back and forth between screens.

See final product website


Sketch, Invision


I completed all the wireframes and then worked with EchoUser to conduct tests and refine the data visualizations

Internal product development team built the app


This prototype tested very well to show that the UX design was going in the right direction for the two primary users groups: parents and their child’s pediatricians. The users ranked the app high on satisfaction - 9/10 said that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the experience and value of information shown. Here are some quotes from the parents who saw this prototype:

"I'm glad I could give some insight as it is challenging being a parent of a child with ADHD and help is always needed. I’m so excited for this product!"

“I think it's a great app. It would be very useful to have."

I refined the UX design based on test results and led a visual designer to create the development ready designs and then wrote the final software requirements for development.

The product launched into a private beta test, which showed strong engagement and value delivered. Beta test results are confidential.

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