Kristin brings a full view of users into the project through user research methods, both quantitative and qualitative. She begins with three questions:

  • Who are the users and what do they do today?

  • What problems do they have and what are their pain points?

  • What solutions are they currently using to address those problems?

She leans upon her research and data analysis background to find the best methodologies and techniques to answer these core questions. Kristin has mined website and marketing analytics, designed and run on-site visits, launched user surveys, conducted interviews and focus groups, validating prototypes, and in- person and remote usability testing. 

She is creative in her recruitment and has often worked with user advisory boards to create relationships with users with whom to gather regular feedback. Merely providing the data is not enough; Kristin uses her data analysis and strategy skills to pull out insights about user behavior that can inform UX strategy and product decisions. 

Most recent work

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