Kristin bring product strategy and an exceptional, valuable user experience to life through product management expertise. She accomplishes this by writing clear user stories or functional specs - sometimes drawing entity diagrams and drafting data tables to describe the functional and data relationships in the design, and determining MVP requirements and KPIs based on user value, risk reduction, and growth opportunities. Her designs are often a way to validate or describe the MVP features and functionality, so she makes sure that they consider and clearly communicate data values and functionality to the development team.

She's led the UX and product management of a community website and email program in the Netherlands, designing and then leading a development team in Pakistan to launch a product and marketing channel MVP to determine whether or not users are engaging with the brand and site. 

Most recently, she's served as Product Director - Healthcare Solutions at Akili Interactive, Inc. Starting from scratch, Kristin conducted all the initial user research and product discovery work, relying heavily on her qualitative and quantitative data analysis skills to create a product strategy and roadmap for three digital healthcare products. Kristin then iteratively designed the user experience from sketch to high-fidelity prototypes with the help of users, the business, and the technical teams. She then managed vendors to conduct usability tests and complete the final visual design. Her designs are currently in development for beta test. 

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