Kristin brings personas to life with data, user-centered workshops, and purpose-based design-thinking. She reviews market and user research, industry trends, best practices, and works closely with teams of stakeholders and users to define:

  • who the users are
  • what their responsibilities, motivations, and environment are,
  • what is success for them, and
  • what information and functionality is critical for their success

Kristin runs day-long workshops where she leads teams through persona development and design concepting that leads teams to an actionable list of MVP requirements based on the persona needs. 

"The project is a new portal, replacing a 10+ year old system, and the audience was 30+ people.  I was concerned that the size of the team would be an impediment in getting anything accomplished, but Kristin is so good at what she does, the workshop was a resounding success.  Kristin did a wonderful job and all participants were just gushing with praise for her, the content and the exercises she ran." 
- Laurie T, VP of IT at enterprise software company