Big Data Does Not Mean More Data

 Dell's Social Media Team, a leader in harnessing that data, sought to invent a new way to measure one important nugget of social media conversation for a marketing purpose: assign a number to social advocacy on a specific topic and then let product managers and marketers drill down to why that number was the way it was, essentially lifting the veil on all social conversation on a topic. 

I was the new UX lead on the project and the design challenge seemed insurmountable. Not only was this a new metric and algorithm, but there were over 1000 topics and billions of posts that needed to be accessible for any time in the past. Plus, each of those topics were talked about over many media channels by many people with huge ranges of sentiment.

To get started 0n the UX, I focused on the questions the product marketers and managers would want to know the answers to: 

  • What are people saying about my product?
  • Where are they saying them?

From there, I created an "App Map" of all the screens, a navigational model that let the user select a topic and then dig deeper, and a simple Big Data Dashboard UI that allowed product managers to "drill down" to the layers below the SNA measure and get the answers to their questions. The first generation of this product won a Forrester award and was featured at Dell World.