Kristin starts every project a complete analysis to make sure that the user experience has users at the center AND is considerate of business goals. She interviews stakeholders, reviews analytics and market research, and understand the technology and marketing plans to complete the picture of what the product UX needs to accomplish and how to measure it.  Her strategy document - what she called the UX Brief -  informs the entire user experience and also serves as a design brief and foundation for functional and technical requirements. A team uses it at every review to ensure that the users will achieve success, accomplish their goals, and do so in a feasible and strategic way.

Kristin has defined the UX Brief process as:

  • Lead the stakeholders by identifying personas, what success is for them, and what information they need to achieve success.
  • Conduct a full analysis of the "current state" of the website including reviewing web site analytics, heuristics, and competitive and industry leaders
  • Gather content, design, technical, and marketing requirements
  • Pull insights from the analysis to identify UX and design opportunities
  • Recommend design strategy and high-level user experience including content strategy
  • Lead and manage ux and designers to bring the strategy to life with Agile processes and prototyping


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