The Right Questions to Ask in a Kickoff Meeting for a Web Site Project

Be it a new to the world website or a website redesign, to begin any project, you need a comprehensive view of the project scope and issues, users, and business goals and all the considerations that are needed on the project. I've created brief many times and the projects that use it result  meeting business goals and user needs. Here are a few examples of that >

Current Site/Project Scope

  • Include screenshots of main pages and list relevant URLs if they exist to illustrate scope of project on a redesign
  • If a new site, then include description of the project and scope 
  • What are problems with the current site?

Who is the User Experience for?

  • Name of persona
  • What does success look like for them (in their words) and what are the KPIs to measure that success? 
  • What is the performance of the current site, specifically on those KPIs?
  • What information and functionality do they need to achieve success? 
  • What actions do you want them to take after visiting the website?

UX and Design Requirements

  • What is performance of existing web pages/web site?
  • What are the specific business goals that the new UX must support?
  • What are similar sites/apps that have a great UX for similar goals?
  • What are the future UX considerations?

Content Requirements

  • What content is already created?
  • What content needs to be created for the personas to fit their needs?
  • What search term(s) would users wanting to get to this page/site would use?
  • What content/assets have performed well in the past?
  • What content/assets do competitors use (if new product)?
  • Where does current content exist? Any previously used pages?

Competitor/Best In Class Examples

  • What competitor sites do you admire and why?
  • What other sites have the UX that is appealing and why? 

Marketing Considerations

  • What are the current marketing campaigns that drive to this website?
  • What does the creative look like?
  • What is current marketing strategy that this web project is a part of?

Technical Considerations

  • What are the technical requirements for the project? I.e. where will it be built?
  • Any 3rd party systems?
  • Any functionality/functional requirements already in plan or thought of?
  • What functionality, integration, and platform considerations are there for the UX?

A/B and Usability Testing Considerations

  • A/B testing--> Does this capability exist? What has been tested and learned in the past?
  • Usability Testing --> Has this been done? What has been tested and learned in the past?

Reporting Considerations

  • When are reports needed on-going?
  • What reports need to be completed for benchmark, launch, and performance reporting?


  • Business Stakeholders
  • Strategic Lead
  • UX Team
  • Project Managers
  • Design Lead
  • Content Lead
  • Functional Lead